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We offer varity of pastries, all tasty and delicious. Please click here for more info and images.


Our freshly baked French macarons bring the Paris scent to your events.


Our cakes are not only famous for their beauty, but also for their deliciousness. Please click here to see more.

Elegant Cafe

Visit our boutique Cafe and enjoy the tranquility and elegancy at the same time. Our coffee shop is a perfect place to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

Our Menu


A great option for your events such as Birthdays, Showers or Business meetings. We take special orders for any additional details.
$ Variable

Red velvet Cupcake

Fluffy Red Velvet cake topped with cream cheese topping.

Chocolate Cupcake

Belgian Chocolate Cake topped with Chocolate Butter cream.

Vanilla Cupcake

Light Vanilla Cake topped with Butter cream topping.

Tiramisu, 6” Round

Genoise in espresso & marsala, lady finger, tiramisu cream & mascarpone cheese.

Pistachio Mousse 8” Round

Round Tart shell with a silky Pistachio Mousse.

Chocolate Mousse 6”x6”

A Modern design chocolate cake covered by Chocolate Mousse and Coco spray.

Eclair Chocolate

Cocoa choux pastry with crunchy cocoa crumble and chocolate whipped ganache.

Eclair Pistachio

olden and Crispy Eclair filled by light Pistachio Paste and pistachio creme topping.

Eclair Vanilla

Vanilla choux pastry filled by light Vanilla cream.

Choux a la Creme

Fluffy, light and creamy Vanilla cream puff, Heavenly!


Fresh Puff pastry layered with light homemade whipped cream and grinded fresh Pistachio.

Creme Bruleé Tart

Signature Vanilla Creme Bruleé over the fresh baked Tart shell

Fruit Tart

Buttery crust, frangipane, fresh fruits, chocolate decor and clear glaze.

Almond Tart

Fresh baked Tart shell, Almond Paste, Sliced Almond and Sugar powder topping

Cream Croissant

100% Butter Croissant with Custard Cream 2.8Oz

Chocolate Croissant

00% Butter Croissant with Belgian Chocolate 2.7Oz

Almond Croissant

00% Butter Almondine Croissant, Filled with custard pastry cream and sprinkled with sliced almond and powdered sugar 3.5Oz

Butter Croissant

100% Butter Croissant, 2.8 Oz

Father’s Day Cake

We are offering you a special treat to your fathers. It's unique and absolutely delicious. We make chocolate with chocolate filling, Vanilla with Bavarian cream and fresh strawberry, and Red velvet cake with buttercream filling. Please call and reserve your cake. It would be limited.

Daily Cakes

We offer many 6" and 8" cakes with an elegant design, perfect for your small events. Chocolate cake with choco fillings, Vanilla with fresh strawberry and the Bavarian cream, and Red velvet are our popular flavors. Please place your orders at least 48 hrs prior to your event. The 6" cake starts from $75 and the 8" cake starts from $90. Additional decoration will add to the price.
6" $75 , 8" $90