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Our croissants are celebrated not just for their flaky, golden layers but also for their irresistible buttery aroma and exquisite taste.


Our cakes are not only famous for their beauty, but also for their deliciousness. Please click here to see more.


Pistachio, Chocolate,
Hazelnut Chocolate,
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 We offer varity of pastries, all tasty and delicious. Please click here for more info and images.

You said about us


This was my first time trying their desserts and they were absolutely delicious! Not only are they gorgeous but the taste is just as phenomenal. We had the strawberry tart, royal hazelnut tart and the tiramisu tart. We can't wait to try the others.
This bakery has a lot to offer that is good and for a reasonable price. I love hazelnuts so I got one and my mom told me that they have the best creme brûlée she's ever had. I'm not a fan of creme brûlée in general, but just for Marvel Cake, I am. Both desserts were delicious! I definitely need to try the baked goods they offer but I will also have to get these 2 desserts again when I come back! The staff were really nice and the inside of the bakery is beautiful. They have seating outside as well. I can't wait to come back again!
Marvel cake is my neighborhoods little gem. My family and I come here when we crave a delicious treat. I recently ordered a cake for my daughters birthday and it was delicious! The inside of the cake was moist and the overall display was beautiful. Maryam recreated a tropical theme cake and I absolutely loved it. Will definitely continue to support this local business.
Cake was beautifully made. Everyone at the party loved the cake. Best part was, chocolate mousse inside wasn't that sweet which balanced the sweetness of fondant (the outer layer). Thanks to Maryam for making it perfect. Recommend to anyone looking for gorgeous and tasty cakes. Suggest booking with them early as they get really busy.
Elegant bakery, with beautiful pastries almost too pretty to eat. Walking in felt like going into a chic Rodeo Drive store- you feel the luxury that has been poured into this fine establishment. We tried the strawberry, mango and tiramisu tarts and the red velvet cupcake. The stand out was the mango and when I go back I would love to try the chocolate tart and a croissant.
We bought the chocolate hazelnut cake for my brothers birthday.. and it was a bomb!!!! Just tooo good, now I am looking at all the other cakes in yelp and planning to try out all of them one by one:).
The verdict is in, and the red velvet cupcake was the best and daughter enjoyed it very much. "It is sooooo good!!"
The communication was great and we were happy to have someone really careful to our needs. The cake was beautiful but also very was so poetic and cute. Their bakery is amazing and their pastries look fabulous...I thought I was in La Durée in Paris as everything was so classy and clean. We highly recommend it!
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