Christmas Special Cake

This cake with verity of the flavors will bring the Holiday's fastive to your home.

Pecan Pie

We are offering a homemade style pecan pie for your Christmas tables. Our pecan pie is made from freshly made butter crust and pure pecan pure which we bake in house. We are taking orders now and if you place your orders by Dec.23.

Almond Tart

Fresh baked Tart shell, Almond Paste, Sliced Almond and Sugar powder topping

Cream Croissant

100% Butter Croissant with Custard Cream 2.8Oz

Chocolate Croissant

100% Butter Croissant with Belgian Chocolate 2.7Oz

Almond Croissant

100% Butter Almondine Croissant, Filled with custard pastry cream and sprinkled with sliced almond and powdered sugar 3.5Oz

Butter Croissant

100% Butter Croissant, 2.8 Oz


Mother’s Day Bouquet

Cupcake bouquet for your Mother's Day gift. Surprise Mom with something as sweet as she!


A great option for your events such as Birthdays, Showers or Business meetings. We take special orders for any additional details.
$ Variable

Red velvet Cupcake

Fluffy Red Velvet cake topped with cream cheese topping.

Chocolate Cupcake

Belgian Chocolate Cake topped with Chocolate Butter cream.

Vanilla Cupcake

Light Vanilla Cake topped with Butter cream topping.


Paris Brest

Pâte à Choux With Praline Crème Mousseline

Mango Passion Fruit Tart

Our seasonal Mango passion fruit tart is made with our homemade tart, mango puree with passion fruit mousse decorated by star flower and gold leaves.

Pomegranate Cheesecake Tart

Homemade butter crust with pomegranate puree and cheesecake topping, decorated with fresh pomegranate.

Tiramisu, 6” Round

Genoise in espresso & marsala, lady finger, tiramisu cream & mascarpone cheese.

Chocolate Mousse 6”x6”

A Modern design chocolate cake covered by Chocolate Mousse and Coco spray.

Eclair Chocolate

Cocoa choux pastry with crunchy cocoa crumble and chocolate whipped ganache.

Eclair Pistachio

olden and Crispy Eclair filled by light Pistachio Paste and pistachio creme topping.

Eclair Vanilla

Vanilla choux pastry filled by light Vanilla cream.

Choux a la Creme

Fluffy, light and creamy Vanilla cream puff, Heavenly!


Fresh Puff pastry layered with light homemade whipped cream and grinded fresh Pistachio.

Creme Bruleé Tart

Signature Vanilla Creme Bruleé over the fresh baked Tart shell

Fruit Tart

Buttery crust, frangipane, fresh fruits, chocolate decor and clear glaze.

Lemon Tart

Buttery crust filled with lemon curd and light whipped cream, topped with fresh Zest.

Strawberry Tart

Thin crust filled with strawberry mousse and decorate with Persian dried Rose.

Chocolate Mousse Tart

Fresh baked crust with delicate Chocolate mousse.

Pistachio Tart

Fresh baked Tart shell, Pistachio mousse

Tiramisu Tart

Fresh baked Tart shell with Marvelcake’s secret Tiramisu recipe!


Valentine’s Special Cake

We are offering you a special treat for Valentine's Day. It's unique and absolutely delicious. We make Raspberry mousse with chocolate filling with Vanilla cake. Please call and reserve your cake. It would be limited.

Daily Cakes

We offer many 6" and 8" cakes with an elegant design, perfect for your small events. Chocolate cake with choco fillings, Vanilla with fresh strawberry and the Bavarian cream, and Red velvet are our popular flavors. Please place your orders at least one week prior to your event. The 6" cake starts at $75 and the 8" cake starts at $90. Additional decoration will add to the price.
6" $75 , 8" $90

Special Order Cake

For ordering the special event cakes, please visit our website at and share your event information with us. The cake price is determined based on Size & Details. We will contact you to discuss your dream cake as soon as we receive your inquiry.

8” Round Daily Cake

An elegant cake which will be perfect for a party of up to 12 guests. The Vanilla cake and the Bavarian cream and fresh Strawberry filling, Chocolate cake with Choco mousse or Red Velvet cake and Cream Cheese frosting. The price will increase for any extra decorations.
Starting $90

6” Round Daily Cake

An elegant cake which will be perfect for a party up to 8 guests. The Vanilla cake and the Bavarian cream and fresh Strawberry filling, Chocolate cake with Choco mousse or Red Velvet cake, and Cream Cheese frosting come with a variety of designs. The price will increase based on extra decorations.
Starting $75


Macaron Selection

We offer a large verity of Parisian Macarons that provoke some great memories of Paris for you, such as Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Raspberry, Pistachio and many other flavors.

Valentine’s Day Special

Father's Day Special


Patio Area

Now, we are serving you with our delicious patisseries and coffees in the patio area. We follow all hygiene protocols to make a safe and healthy environment for you.

Tea Club

Mariage Frères, French breakfast tea, Rose the Himalaya Tea, Marco polo rouge Tea, The A LOpera tea, Jasmine Mandarin tea, Paris breakfast tea.

Coffee Bar

We proudly serve \" SightGlass\" Coffee in our coffee shop. These Coffees are hand-selected organic coffees from all over the world and micro-roasted to perfection. Drinking a cup of our coffee will give you a new definition of an exceptional coffee.
Starting $3.5

Ice Cream

Marianne’s Top 20 Flavors

We at Marvel cake offer you the "Most Wanted" flavors. Quarts Flavor: Vanilla Bean Old Tyme vanilla Chocolate chip Oreo cookie Cookie dough Heaven Chocolate Fudge brownie Peanut buttercup Rocky road Burgundy cherry Fresh banana Northern Oregon blackberry Strawberry Coffee almond fudge Mud pie Green leaf tea Mint chip 1020 Salted caramel


Marianne's Caramel Ice cream, Chocolate swirl & Chocolate sandwich cookies.


Try our traditional Affogato with notorious Marianne's Vanilla bean Ice cream and a double shot of our Espresso.